Jun 12, 2020

NTZ: a tool for the rejuvenation field

Posted by in category: life extension

Therefore, in 2020, we launched an initiative to focus NTZ’s efforts on the rejuvenation field, and to establish a worldwide network of translators of the field in order to turn NTZ into a tool for the whole field in the area of translation. This means that if a person or an entity in the rejuvenation field needs a translation which requires a translator familiar with the topic, with sufficient technical knowledge and reliability in any language pair, they only need to contact NTZ. Translators specialized in the science of rejuvenation know the technical terms, the main theories of aging, the most influential scientists, the key organizations, the most promising companies and the most active investors in the field. They are also aware of the importance of the rejuvenation field and are part of the worldwide effort to end an immense source of suffering in the world: aging and death caused by the inability to undo it.

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