Jun 6, 2020

Chrysler’s Space Shuttle Proposal: the SSTO SERV and MURP

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Chrysler Aerospace was already contracted for the Saturn 1 and 1B First Stage so in 1971
they proposed an alternate shuttle program, the SERV and MURP
SERV: the Single-stage Earth-orbital Reusable Vehicle had a 53 metric ton payload in a 7m x 18m payload bay
12 LH2/LOX aerospike engines were arranged around the rim of the base, covered by movable metal shields
Jet Engines, which were fired just prior to touchdown in order to slow the descent.

MURP, the Manned Upper-stage Reusable Payload
The MURP was based on the HL-10 lifting body (Six Million Dollar Man test Vehicle) and a Larger Versionone larger (the D-34) could carry up to ten passengers.

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