Jun 14, 2020

Army Futures Command general describes how future wars will look

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Warrior: The Army must have some major efforts looking at what war may look like in 20 to 30 years?

Murray: “We have something called ‘Team Ignite.’ It is not a standing organization but a cross-functional team between my technologists and my scientists. One part is responsible for the technology at Combat Capabilities Development Command, another is a ‘future concepts’ unit at Fort Eustis, Va. and my concept writers at our Futures and Concepts Center. This forces the people who are thinking about future concepts to take technology into account because they technologists are right there with them. This forces them to think about how technology will change the concept… also it directly feeds what we should be investing in our science and technology areas.”

Gen. John Murray, commander of Army Futures Command, explains what future wars will look like.

Warrior: What are you doing with regard to looking at warfare in 2040?

Murray: “When it comes to the future operational environment and understanding what that will look like, the most important thing to understand is you are never going to be right. 2040ish is the focus area. My understanding is from a technology perspective, an economic perspective, a globalization perspective and a demographic perspective… it is all going to have an impact. We are trying to describe and not define what that may look like. If you get that right it really drives the concepts and drives the material you are going to need to operate in that environment.”

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