May 26, 2020

PETER VOSS — Could AGI Cure Aging?! (#003)

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2:31 Who is Peter Voss and what is Ai-GO?
6:51 Problems with AGI: Cognitive-Psychology, Mathematics, and Intelligence
10:12 AI and Life-Extension : Robotic surgeons, machine learning, and gero-disease modeling
14:03 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) VS Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
19:41 Will Ai and Life-extension ever intersect? : similarities, funding, and the “Narrow AI-Trap“
24:37 Virtual Medical Assistants and Personalized-Medicine
28:28 Can Death-Anxiety lead to self-aware A.I? : Chatbots VS Metacognition
30:34 Is Quantum Computing necessary for AGI? : The “Quantum Supremacy” Grift
33:02 Is there “Moore’s Law” growth in Quantum-Computing? : The Error-Correction problem
35:27 Does consciousness arises at the atomic level? : Penrose-Hammeroff ORCH/OR Theory
41:12 “Being and Time” : Language, grounding concepts, and Voss’s “Hellen-Hawking” theory of A.I
46:32 Voss’ Life-Extension Praxis : Cryonics, Caloric Restriction, Sleep and Longevity Escape Velocity
49:25 Call-to-Action : Business, Marketing, and Financial Escape Velocity
1:02:02 1st Wave A.I (logic trees), 2nd Wave A.I (neural networks), & 3rd-Wave A.I (adaptive architecture)
1:06:31 Elon Musk, Open-AI, and Government regulation of Voss’s approach to A.I (adaptive)
1:10:00 Using A.I based Epidemiology models to prevent Pandemics (Coronavirus/Covid-19)
1:11:51 Where will A.I be in the next 10 years? : Voss VS Kurzweil
1:15:33 Intelligence Explosion : Could AGI ever become ASI? (Artificial Super Intelligence)
1:19:00 Hollywood on AI : Terminator, Ex Machina, Her, Millenial Man
1:19:43 Conclusion : What can we do to help fund AGI?

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