May 2, 2020

Manufacturing Platform Developed for Large-Scale Production of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

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MilliporeSigma and The Jenner Institute report that the Institute has begun preparations for the large-scale production of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. With patients enrolled for clinical trials for this vaccine, rapid development of the large-scale manufacturing process is a critical step in quickly and safely delivering it from the lab to patients, according to Udit Batra, CEO, MilliporeSigma.

“We have brought the future of vaccine manufacturing to the present,” said Batra. “This is an important step in treating COVID-19 and other diseases that impact global public health. This work marks a milestone in the vaccine manufacturing development journey, as clinical testing continues to advance.”

Tapping into MilliporeSigma’s previous work provided a head start for plans to scale up the manufacture of Jenner’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, added Batra. Developing the manufacturing process itself would normally take at least six months to a year, but in just two months’ time, MilliporeSigma supported the Jenner team and their collaborators to evaluate the existing manufacturing platform for use with the new vaccine candidate, and improved critical process steps, he continued.

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