May 12, 2020

Liquid Mercury vortex in a magnetic field

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#Roobert33 In this experiment it’s noted that one half of an aluminum anodized copper globe is connected to an electrical wire in a DC current pole. At the center of the container there is an electrically isolated brass bolt from the container and connected to another pole of the DC current. At the base of the wooden support there is a large loudspeaker magnet that generates a magnetic attraction. Inside the container liquid mercury is poured in a weight of just over 1 Kg. When current flows through the two conductors, it generates a strong magnetic field that supports the system. This favorable condition rotates the liquid mercury as it’s an electric conductive metal. This experiment is known as the “Lorentz Force”. The operating voltage is 2V DC controlled by a DC inverter. The speed of rotation of mercury depends on the voltage being given. Increasing the tension the mercury takes off outside the bowl. *The system doesn’t work in alternating current.

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