May 13, 2020

Is NASA Actually Working On a Warp Drive?

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Got a bran new warp drive update, and there is a pdf that gives parameters:

. Consider the following to help illustrate the point – assume the spacecraft heads out towards Alpha Centauri and has a conventional propulsion system capable of reaching 0.1c. The spacecraft initiates a boost field with a value of 100 which acts on the initial velocity resulting in an apparent speed of 10c. The spacecraft will make it to Alpha Centauri in 0.43 years as measured by an earth observer and an observer in the flat space-time volume encapsulated by the warp bubble.

So, with a few slower than light models, like using antimatter, allowing half the speed of light, that would mean 50c.

Is NASA really working on… a warp drive? An internal feasibility report suggests the agency might be, or at least that the idea of traveling through folded space is part of the NASA interstellar spaceflight menu.

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