May 16, 2020

Here Is What’s Behind The AI Revolution

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“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention,” said Andy McMurray, co-founder and CIO of Medal, an AI-based software company developing tools for health care, during an interview with Healthcare IT News.

This is especially true in the operating room, where surgery teams at the University of Iowa Hospital have reduced surgical site infection by 74% using DASH Analytics’ high-definition care platform (HDCP). This system observes data from the operation in real time and compares it to a patient’s history and its own infection models. Toward the end of the procedure, it automatically provides the surgeon with recommendations to reduce infection during wound closure. Furthermore, it notes whether the surgeon follows its suggestions or not and compares that to the outcome of the patient. This information is then used to both improve its infection model and improve the surgeon’s own performance in future surgeries.

Advances in AI build off of each other. One breakthrough opens the doors for more possibilities in the future, which in turn leads to even more breakthroughs at an exponential rate. Just as the Industrial Revolution automated back-breaking physical labor, the AI Revolution is poised to automate mind-numbing mental labor. Based on what we’ve seen in the last 10 years alone, we can expect to see this boom very soon.

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