May 30, 2020

Bill Faloon — If Nothing Else Kills Us, Aging Will (Longevity #005)

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0:00 Sneak Peak & Longevity Team Intro
2:08 Bill Faloon Intro: &
3:00 Life extension inspiration
3:35 Challenge death norm, …” I am not going to let that happen…”
4:39 Safety in life extension medication
4:58 Metformin Safety
6:58 “FDA is an incompetent and corrupt federal bureaucracy”
8:35 Berberine alternative for Metformin?
10:20 Metformin role in AMPK enzyme
11:30 AMPK activation in intermittent fasting?
12:00 Bill Faloon personal experience with Metformin
14:30 “…Take Care of yourself today…” by getting annual blood tests to test for lipids, glucose, etc.
15:05 Optimized sleep strategies
17:27 Insomnia
18:20 Blue light exposure graphic
18:50 Watch Brent’s interview with The Sleep Doctor, Micael Brues:
20:13 Removing anxiety strategies for better sleep
22:04 Human age reversal project clinical trial update
24:50 Exosomes — Watch Brent’s interview with Kimera Labs exosomes CEO/founder Dr. Duncan Ross:
27:15 Subscribe to The Church of Perpetual Life YouTube channel:
28:45 TAME trial for Metformin
29:58 Dr. Nir Barzilai
33:01 Metformin not illegal for doctors to prescribe
34:01 Intermittent fasting benefits
34:46 autophagy
35:59 Is coffee bad for telomeres?
37:01 All types of coffee containing roasted beans contain some acrylamide
37:28 Chlorophyllin to guard against acrylamide
37:55 Watch Brent’s interview with Bill Faloon
38:08 History and future of The Church Of Perpetual Life
40:20 Dr. Aubrey de Grey connected Bill Faloon with Neal Francis Vanderee to start The Church of Perpetual Life! Watch Brent’s interview with Aubrey
42:10 Religion and afterlife argument for life extension & immortality
43:35 Bill says Dr. George Church feels all viruses may just disappear in next 3–4 years and aging may be vanquished in next 10 years
44:10 Quantum Archeology “…Quantum computer technology that will ultimately be our road to physical immortality. “
45:23 Nikolai Fyodorov’s view of how “Mankind was created to find a way to achieve abundant immortality”
46:52 Why do you want to live forever?
49:01 Do the impossible!
51:00 How can all of us contribute to this life extension movement?
52:28 Why religion, immortality and living a long life are already connected
55:02 Simulation theory
55:45 Rate of how fast technology is improving
58:51 Diet food recommendations
1:00:03 Dr. Eric Berg YouTube: What Really Happens When We Fast?
1:01:42 Death anxiety
1:05:20 Bill Faloon’s influence on his kids and their work
1:09:01 Longevity benefits of having kids
1:09:48 fetal stem cells
1:11:13 Clinical trial update & where to get tested
1:13:34 Bill Faloon’s most important advice
1:15:30 Figure out your chronotype
1:16:18 Brain health tips: Lithium, blueberries, CoQ10 (Ubiquinol)
1:18:55 Conclusion

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