May 2, 2020

AbCellera and Lilly Slash Antibody Selection Time for COVID-19 With AI/Machine Learning

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, robotics/AI

With the trillions of antibodies the human body can make, finding the antibody with the right combination of potency against a target and ease of manufacturing is, at best, an arduous, time-intensive endeavor for drug developers. AbCellera Biologics Inc. has developed a way to dramatically speed that process.

It is using its proprietary AI system to empower the search. It is mining the diversity of antibodies made by the immune system to find the relatively few that are optimized by nature to be well-suited for drug development. “A human makes trillions of different antibodies, but only a small set binds to the target of interest. Of those, only a few can be developed as drugs,” Carl Hansen, Ph.D., CEO of AbCellera, explained.

Hansen sees AbCellera as a “discovery and innovation shop. We identify the properties of antibodies that make them easy to manufacture and potent.”

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