Apr 29, 2020

WHO declines comment on remdesivir in COVID-19, hopes for best

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The WHO just removed pre made criticism of Gilead’s drug from it’s website. It quoted a flawed Chinese study on the drug, yet somehow the criticism was posted on it’s website. The criticism of the drug has since been removed as data from the Chicago study had not even yet been released, and they recieved strong criticism for it. A group of influential people and organizations have been criticizing every treatment, while at the same time proposing vaccines that do not even exist. Every doctor signs an oath, and you can not just let people die for vested interests, as it is my belief that is what is happening. I could be wrong, so prove me wrong by stopping the deaths with effetive treatment and less disinformation that supports vested interests.

A top World Health Organization official declined comment on Wednesday on reports that Gilead Science’s remdesivir could help treat COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, but said that further data was needed.

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