Apr 29, 2020

Like start-ups, most intentional communities fail

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Like all communities, space colonies need to be socially stable. What do succeeded and failed Utopia’s on Earth teach us?

Most utopian communities are, like most start-ups, short-lived. What makes the difference between failure and success?


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  1. My model country is a nation of airports and spaceports. Econ War victory over Greece is significant in that the Victor achieved control of real territory. Fraport the Airport management company gained 14 airports. My email to them asking they honor my passports was not even responded to. My aim has been to give labor the same competitive mobility that capital has.
    I worked Security for the “experimental college” Rochdale College Toronto. I was also the founding editor of the short lived “Ghetto News”.
    Rochdale College failed, for the most part. In my book “Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for My Daughter” is one story from Rochdale.
    Essentially I say that it was corruption that meant the downfall of the college.
    There was a faction of the population of Rochdale College, insiders at the top, that idealized rural life and went off to a small town in Ontario. Killeleau is a phonetic spelling. I corresponded with a secret source. Life for him became hellish because of the way the youths were raised.
    I have developed a number of beliefs about how to found a nation and keep it going because of my experience and scholarship. A big one is that one must crush corruption mercilessly as soon as it arises, which it will.
    Thanks. Russell