Apr 3, 2020

Invitation: The Future of Work — PostCorona Futures, Free Digital Conference April 9 5pm Sydney time

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Greetings everyone, I am running a very unique digital conference time-slotted for participants in Asia, AUS, NZ etc on April 9, 5pm Sydney time, see details below, with 2 very well known Futurist colleagues, Ross Dawson and Shara Evans, on the Future of Work. We are using the Zoom platform again, and have room for up to 500 people; right now we’re at 280 signups but it’s filling up quickly so please sign up soonest:)

Please review the event details here, or here.

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The Future of Work — the Great Transformation. Free online conference with Futurists Ross Dawson, Shara Evans, Gerd Leonhard

The world ‘after Corona’ will be dramatically different (read Gerd’s take here:, and the way we work, when, where & why is changing forever.

Join 3 of the world’s top futurists to discuss the Future of Work: Ross Dawson (Sydney), Shara Evans (AUS/USA), Gerd Leonhard (Zurich)

Sydney 5pm

Auckland 7pm

Singapore 3pm

Mumbai 12:30pm

Dubai 11am

Zurich 9am

Themes: economic impact of the crisis, remote/distributed work, the changing role of offices, skills and capabilities soon required, how to tap into our unique human capabilities, well-being and working remotely +++

Gerd Leonhard

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