Apr 9, 2020

Amid confusion over virus symptoms, Israeli scientist creates a sniff test tool

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An Israeli scientist is urging people to ask a simple question daily to save lives from coronavirus: can I smell? There is widespread confusion about how to identify coronavirus symptoms, as several of them are similar to symptoms of flu and the common cold. But Noam Sobel says that there is one highly unusual pattern, a sudden inability to smell, and he has built a website to help people keep tabs on their odor-assessing abilities. People are signing up from all over the world, at an average rate of 200 per hour.

Smell garlic and toothpaste and save lives from coronavirus: It’s not a folk cure, but a Weizmann Institute initiative, and 200 people an hour are joining.


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  1. Elinor F Amee says:

    early in March I suddenly lost my appetite, then could not taste food, could not smell perfume. Had no other symptoms. I would like to take a test after this is over to see if I have antibodies.