Mar 24, 2020

Israelis Invent First Pill to Treat Diabetes Without Insulin Shots

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The pill passed second-stage testing with impressive results, placing it on the fast-track for commercial availability, Oramed announced last week, which is music to the ears of the nearly half a billion people worldwide who suffer from diabetes.

An oral insulin capsule passed second stage testing for efficacy and safety, paving the way to diabetes treatments without shots.

By United with Israel Staff

People who suffer from diabetes frequently require insulin shots, causing pain, inconvenience, and visible scars that do not heal. To address this pressing healthcare issue, a company based in Israel developed the first oral insulin capsule, called ORMD-0801, providing diabetes treatment without the need for shots.


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  1. Alan Prim says:

    I would appreciate if articles about diabetes would specify on the heading if it’s type 1 or 2.