Mar 4, 2020

HIV drug successfully treats coronavirus patient in medical first in Spain’s Andalucia

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These types of therapies are used when there are no other alternatives available for diseases that can be very serious or even fatal.

A treatment that has already been used by several hospitals in Wuhan, although experts consider that ‘the evidence on its effectiveness is scarce.’

Albert Bosch, president of the Spanish Virology Society, has indicated that one of the greatest advantages of this treatment is that it is an ‘approved drug used in other medical procedures, so there are no doubts about its safety.’

A HIV drug has been used to successfully cure a coronavirus patient in Spain.

Sevilla’s Virgen del Rocio Hospital has begun using an experimental therapy to successfully treat a patient suffering from the Covid-19 virus, according to El Pais.

The drug has been used to prevent HIV for more than a decade and combines the antiviral drugs lopinavir and ritonavir together with interferon beta, a protein that prevents cells from becoming infected.

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