Mar 15, 2020

Clinical trials of Fisetin in a person with autoimmune thyroiditis

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Senolitics can be one of the first for one of the causes of ageing. One of the agents that have shown a senolytic effect is fisetin.

Because of the availability and safety of fisetin, we decided to conduct our experiments of this drug in a person with autoimmune thyroiditis. It is noteworthy that, unlike most trials, we focus not on chronic inflammation but on immune function.

For this test, we need your financial help.

In recent years, clinical trials of drugs that affect extracellular and intracellular damage leading to ageing of the body have begun. You can find more info here [1].

For example, with age, senescent cells accumulate in our body. They cannot perform their functions normally, their abnormal metabolism is the cause of chronic inflammation, which plays an important role in ageing.

Relatively recently, senolitics, substances that selectively induce apoptosis (lead to programmed death) of senescent cells, have begun to be studied. Their studies have shown that when senescent cells are destroyed in old mice, they begin to look younger, and the function of their body improves.

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