Mar 26, 2020

China ‘willfully inflicted coronavirus upon the world’

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According to Sky News host Rowan Dean “China willfully inflicted” the coronavirus upon the world a spectacular display of “communism” at its very worst”. “Let’s be absolutely crystal clear, this is an inevitable consequence of communism and totalitarianism,” Mr Dean told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “First of all they tried to shut it up and suppress those individuals who were sounding the alarm” after which they panicked “attributed the blame to the United States which is just laughable,” Mr Dean said. “China must be held to account for this…and countries around the world need to start looking at their relationship with China in light of this disaster”. “If it were a company or if it were an individual… that had caused such worldwide damage other countries would be asking for reparations,” Mr Dean said. Image: Getty.

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