Feb 9, 2020

“Virtual Reality” Reunites with Deceased Daughter

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I am amazed by just how far technology has come!

An image of her daughter was created with ‘virtual reality’ for a mother who lost her daughter in 2016 in South Korea. The moment the mother met her daughter left those in the studio in tears.

In 2016, the 7-year-old daughter of a woman named Jang Ji-sung, Nayeon, died after an illness.

A firm that does’ Virtual Reality ‘Projects has created an image of the girl who died, as a result of an 8-month study. The firm, which also created a virtual reality of a park where the mother and daughter had gone before, invited the family into the studio. The mother, who arrived at the studio, was given a virtual reality goggle, while her husband and another daughter, along with the technical team, watched the process in the audience section.

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