Feb 27, 2020

Goodbye Dental Implants, Dentist Grows New Teeth in Just 9 Weeks

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If you’ve ever had the misfortune of losing a tooth, you may have considered dental implants in the past. You may also have been surprised to learn how expensive they are, and that oftentimes materials such as mercury or silver are used.

But what if we could actually grow our teeth back? Fortunately, there is an incredible new development in oral health that could change the game entirely.

Dr. Jeremy Mao and his team from Columbia University were able to regrow teeth using stem cells as a ‘scaffold’ for the new tooth to grow over.


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  1. Dror says:

    when will it happen? For 15 years nothing has happened

  2. Freddie Chambers says:

    Oxford University said they could regenerate teeth over 15 years ago. They have since gone silent. There are several schools working on this simultaneously. I have received letters from a retired dentist saying it will not happen in this century. Where is Mr. Mao and does he have anything to say about his progress. I am in need and curious about his progress with trials. This is starting to look the fusion power reactors. Which are always 30 years away.