Feb 4, 2020

Bosch Gets Smartglasses Right With Tiny Eyeball Lasers

Posted by in category: futurism

These glasses from Bosch use tiny lasers to project an image directly onto your retina.

My priority at CES every year is to find futuristic new technology that I can get excited about. But even at a tech show as large as CES, this can be surprisingly difficult. If I’m very lucky, I’ll find one or two things that really blow my mind. And it almost always takes a lot of digging, because the coolest stuff is rarely mentioned in keynotes or put on display. It’s hidden away in private rooms because it’s still a prototype that likely won’t be for ready the CES spotlight for another year or two.

Deep inside Bosch’s CES booth, I found something to get excited about. After making a minor nuisance of myself, Bosch agreed to give me a private demo of its next-generation Smartglasses, which promise everything that Google Glass didn’t quite manage to deliver.

A few weeks before CES, Bosch teased the new Smartglasses prototype with this concept video:

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