Feb 11, 2020

Boeing Has Patented a Plasma ‘Force Field’ to Protect Against Shock Waves

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Circa 2015

As weapons get more sophisticated, researchers are trying to build defence systems that can keep pace, and what’s better than a force field?

Aerospace and defence giant Boeing has been awarded a patent to develop a force field-like system that could protect military vehicles from shockwaves following explosions from missiles or improvised explosive devices.

Boeing’s proposed system involves using a combination of lasers, electricity and microwaves to rapidly heat up the air between the vehicle and a blast. This heat creates a plasma shield that’s denser than the surrounding air and able to deflect or absorb the energy from the incoming shockwave.


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  1. Nik says:

    Already simulated laser plasma CAN repel space storms!
    Laser plasma deflection or GPS destruction/global blackout by asteroid Apophis
    Next passage: 2021

    1921 Global telegraph blackout:…uperstorms

    Simulated laser plasma shield:
    : Princeton, RochesterΝΥ, Michigan, New Hampshire.

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