Jan 30, 2020

Scientists found the head of a 330-million-year-old shark in a Kentucky cave

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Researchers were “stunned” when they discovered the remnants of a huge, fossilized shark head in the walls of a cave in Kentucky. The remains of the ancient animal were found in Mammoth Cave National Park, which according to the National Park Service is the world’s longest cave system.

The shark fossil, which was discovered by scientists who were investigating the cave system, is thought to be up to about 330 million years old, according to John-Paul Hodnett, a paleontologist and program coordinator at Dinosaur Park in Maryland.

The scientists sent Hodnett photos of the findings so he could help identify them. He was able to identify most of the fossils, but what got him “really excited” was to see a number of shark teeth associated with large sections of fossilized cartilage.

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