Jan 23, 2020

Neutrino generation

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Circa 2002

This paper proposes a new concept for generating controlled, high-flux pulses of neutrinos. Laser-induced generation of relativistic protons, followed by pion production and decay, provides the neutrino source. By conservative estimate, the source will yield nanosecond-range pulses of muon–neutrinos, with fluxes of ~1019 νμ s−1 sr−1 and energies of ~20 MeV or higher. Concept feasibility depends upon further progress in high-intensity lasers; the process assumes a driving laser with pulse energy ~8 kJ, providing an irradiance of ~9 × 1022 W cm−2. The study of the KARMEN time anomaly and neutrino oscillations would be the possible applications of the source.

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