Jan 26, 2020

Could Ethereum Hit $1 Trillion? Analyst Says Over 1,000% Rally Possible

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While the cryptocurrency didn’t perform that well in 2019, Ethereum (ETH) is one of the best-performing digital assets of all time, rallying from an ICO price under a dollar to the $160 where it is today.

Despite this jaw-dropping gain in and of itself, investors in the cryptocurrency believe it will go higher. So much higher than one analyst laid out a case for the cryptocurrency’s value to surge to $1 trillion, 13 digits.

For some perspective, a trillion-dollar Ethereum market capitalization at current price levels would equate to about a $9,000 ETH price, with the current supply in mind. The cryptocurrency reaching such lofty prices would require it to rally by over 5,000%. Crazy, right?

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