Jan 19, 2020

A human-in-the-loop deep learning paradigm for synergic visual evaluation in children | Article

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Recently published an article on Deep Learning.

Examining the visual acuity of children who are younger than three years old is important for the early discovery of abnormal visual development, potential ophthalmic diseases, and neurological disease.

If the visual abnormal development is not diagnosed in time, later development will be affected, but performing visual examination in children is challenging due to their lack of understanding of instructions. Evaluating the visual acuity of children remains difficult since many children are unable to effectively express their understanding, especially with respect to directions (i.e., up, down, left and right). In addition, it is difficult for children to concentrate for a long time during the vision examination. The Teller visual acuity (TVA) card can be used to evaluate the visual acuity of children, but not all the operations are recorded and can be reviewed.


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