Dec 6, 2019

What is the Higgs boson and why does it matter?

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The higgs boson is most likely the greatest particle because it could allow for antigravity because it turns off the mass of an object. Basically it would be the master key for even understanding the dimensions of physics. Simply by allowing a near genesis. It can essentially allow for matter creation a sorta building block for creation. It is one of the greatest particles ever discovered. A particle so powerful that when harnessed it would almost allow for anything to happen. You could have crispr teleportation with higgs field dampening. Let’s say that myth is real then if it were real then it would lead to a particle like the higgs boson. Once harnessed it could allow for alien like technologies essentially a very powerful particle to allow to true impossibilities. I think even in a grain of sand we can find endless possibilities which is proof evident of something beyond understanding. Some have said that we started out in just hydrogen but the physics created the universe. Which would mean once the higgs is harnessed it could allow for creation technology or what the exterrestials knew for generations that we are never alone the universe is filled with wonder. Basically the higgs would allow for antigravity but all the mythological things. It would prove the existence of aliens even god most likely. Science could prove the most important thing that it could bring civilization into a new level technology no longer bound by terrestrial things but essentially it could allow for anything once harnessed.

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the possible meaning and significance of finding the Higgs.

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