Dec 22, 2019

The Alpha Point vs. the Omega Point: Ours is one of the possible worlds simulated in absolute consciousness

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The Universe is not what textbook physics tells us except that we perceive it in this way – our instruments and measurement devices are simply extensions of our senses, after all. Reality is not what it seems. Deep down it’s pure information – waves of potentiality – and consciousness creating it all.…sciousness #AlphaPoint vs. #OmegaPoint

“Each of us appears in the divine play in a dual role of creator and actor. A full and realistic enactment of our role in the cosmic drama requires the suspension of our true identity. We have to forget our authorship and follow the script.”

-Stanislav Grof

Our human minds are fractals of the larger cosmic mind and consciousness is all that is. Information, which physicists now claim to be fundamental, requires consciousness to assign meaning to it. In other words, Mind is primary, the Universe is a network of networks of entangled conscious minds, and our experiential reality emerges from confluent digital data streams. So, what’s the basis for such radical claims, you might ask.

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