Dec 2, 2019

How Joe Tippens Beat Terminal Cancer with $7 Dog Medicine — Interviewed by James Templeton

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Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Joe was told he had about 3 months to live. A veterinarian friend of his in western Oklahoma called him and told him about a cancer research experiment he had learned about in which a dog-deworming medicine had cured cancer in the experimental mice… and when the researcher developed cancer, she used the same medicine on herself and her glioblastoma was gone in about 12 weeks.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Joe ordered the veterinary product, Fenbendazole, and began taking it. He added a few other things to his regimen such as curcumin and Vitamin E, now known as the “Joe Tippens Protocol”. Three and a half months later, he went in for a scan and he was totally clear!

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  1. Larry Poppe says:

    I have prostate cancer. They gave me 5 to 10 year.
    They want me to do radiation treatments
    And I don’t want to
    Please tell me where to get this drug

    1. Kathy Uszak says:

      At any local Petstore.…

  2. Eric Klien says:

    @Larry Poppe You can get it at If it works, let us know.

  3. Malie says:

    How much my do you take a day my friend have gone cancer and they told he there is nothing they can do for her

    1. Kathy Uszak says:

      I gram or approx 1/4 tsp per day for 3 days per week.

  4. Eric Klien says:

    @Malle…erspective says to take about 222 mg of fenbendazole three days in a row each week.

  5. Cheryl says:

    How do you take it? That link is for the powder not tablets. I noticed that they stopped making tablets so we don’t take them.

  6. Eric Klien says:

    @Cheryl You could add it to a smoothie.

  7. Manon Higginson says:

    Hi were from Canada
    My husband Peter Is 56 he as cholangiocarsonoma bile duct liver cancer stage 4
    He had chemo but did not cure him and he’s not eligible for operation nor radiation they told him chemo will extend his lfe for one to two years
    We went to Tijuana for immunity treatments but still no good results
    Just wondering where to purchase this product what brand and what quantity
    We changed completely his diete and we are so hopeful when we heard your story
    Thank you for sharing it
    And God Bless You
    Manon Higginson

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Manon Higginson…erspective says to take about 222 mg of fenbendazole three days in a row each week.

  8. Kenyada Spy says:

    Can you take this medicine with chemo?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Kenyada Spy “Can you take this medicine with chemo?” Yes. Of course, let your doctor know that you are doing this. Joe Tippins said, “Many people take this regimen concurrent with chemo, immunotherapy and radiation.”

  9. Jimmy green says:

    Use some vitamin B-17(apricot pits) with that. Got rid of my lymphoma. I also used EISSAC. No radiation no chemo.. 2005 ! There’s plenty of cures for cancer but they like job security.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Jimmy Green This is a great comment.

  10. Connie Tate says:

    My husband has MDS is on chemotherapy preparing his body for a stem cell transplant. His bone marrow has scarred over and and he doesn’t produce his own blood. He has to have blood and platlet transfusions to sustain his life while waiting on stem cell match up. He is just a step away from full blown leukemia. Can this drug help him? Thank you

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Connie Tate “Can this drug help him?” We think he should try it.

  11. Jodie Rivet says:

    You can also order gelatin capsules and make your own capsules. Just get a funnel and put this powder in them. Then take the correct dose 3 times a day.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      “Just get a funnel and put this powder in them.” This is a great comment!

      1. Kathy Uszak says:

        Its 3 days a week not 3 times a day

  12. Patsy Neville says:

    My sister in law has lung cancer and it keeps growing. Would this help her?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Patsy Neville “Would this help her?” It is worth a try! Let us know if it works for her.

  13. Anngela says:

    This man is from a town a few miles from me in Oklahoma. Everyone here is trying it.

    Also you can get a capsule fill tray on amazon for next to nothing to fill gelatin capsules. They work great! Please try this. You literally have nothing to lose.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Anngela “Also you can get a capsule fill tray on amazon for next to nothing to fill gelatin capsules. They work great! Please try this.” This is a great idea!

  14. Patricia Meeke says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in May of 2019. I underwent a lumpectomy and 20 radiation treatments. They say the cancer is gone. I go back in March for my first mammogram since my cancer treatments. I now have to take a pill (ANASTROZOLE) every day for 5–10 years to prevent the cancer from returning. Would this fenbendazole prevent the cancer from returning?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Patricia Meeke We recommend that you also take fenbendazole as well as anastrozole.

  15. Amazing news! I will continue to pray for good health!❤️

  16. Katherine says:

    I have a friend that has late stage brain cancer id love to know how to help him..

  17. Barbara Bailey says:

    I have pancreatic cancer and also in my pelvic and limp Nodes could this help me ?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Barbara Bailey Yes, this could help you.

  18. Jeanie says:

    My friend’s mom has stage 4 uterine cancer, spread to her hip, colon and bladder. She was on radiation, then chemo and it looked hopeless. She found this man’s story, her hubby researched it and they decided to get it for their mom, as what could they lose? When she returned 3 months after the last visit, her MRI and CT scans showed the tumors had shrunk, the thickening between colon and bladder had thinned, and the ‘fingers’ reaching out from tumors had shrunk back to the tumors! The doctors said they had NEVER seen that happen and couldn’t explain it. My friend told them and they said to keep on following the regimen as it was certainly helping!

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Jeanie It is wonderful that your friend’s mom is doing better!

  19. Mary Gresham says:

    Mix powder into applesauce.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Mary Gresham This is a great idea!

  20. Kerry Petersen says:

    Over the past 13 years I have shared a supplement called ImmPower with many people. Many were complete strangers. Some had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.….…brain,lung,colon, and myself with profuse aktinik keratosis, one lady friend had 4 “female parts removal surgery” and Drs. could not get it all. In these cases, one bottle (30 capsules) cleared the cancer. ImmPower is 3 mushrooms hybrid together. All 3 of these mushrooms can be purchased in health food stores, during season. Together, they produce AHCC — Active Hexrose Correalated Compound. ImmPower can be purchased with vitamin B12 added for who don’t get B12 through 15 minutes of sunshine per day or through other supplements. Your body must have adequate B12 to process AHCC. Some folks may be bedridden, or whatever, and require the B12 additive. ImmPower only claims to raise the body’s immune system to the very top. Cancer, being an autoimmune disease, is stopped due to ImmPower “realigning” the actions of the T cells in the blood— the white blood cells — whose job is to fight infections. Big Pharma hasn’t been able to stop the distribution of ImmPower because it was developed in Japan. With the understanding that ImmPower claims no cancer healing, nor any other healing effects, only immune system boosting effects.….please give it a try. Directions on the label suggest 2 caps per day, up to 6 caps per day. Folks asked me how many should they take. I told them that I didn’t know. But since they have a cancer issue.…..try 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.… a kickstarter, for two days. Then 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. At that rate, a bottle contains 13 days worth. 30 capsules. Cancer gone. Drs. say that God must have done it. Well.…..I guess he did, with his plants.
    Fenbendazole sounds quite exciting and promising. Try everything. Don’t give up! Hopefully these remedies can be tried before radiation and kemo so that these poisons won’t be necessary.
    I wish everyone the very best of luck.

  21. Tim Comfort says:

    I have multiple myeloma which is a blood and bone marrow cancer.… 5 year average life and I’m 2 years in.… can this help me?

  22. Nancy thompson says:

    What were the side effects of the vet meds?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Nancy Thompson. “What were the side effects of the vet meds?” While the meds are generally safe, there is a concern that if they were taken too often that they could harm the liver or kidneys. So Joe Tippens’ recommendation includes 4 days off per week.

  23. Kim McMillan says:

    Eric Klein you should be really careful giving out medical advice. You are not a doctor. You are a software engineer. You are giving people this “advise” and taking advantage of them at their most vulnerable time. Telling someone this drug is “safe” to take with chemo is outrageous and liable on your part. To other posters: PLEASE DISCUSS TREATMENTS WITH MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS NOT ERIC THE COMPUTER DUDE.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Kim McMillan “You are not a doctor.” I never said I was. Lifeboat simply linked to a Joe Tippens’ video and I’m repeating advice from his site so people know there are additional treatments that they can try instead of just giving up. We are not taking a ridiculous position as Steve Jobs did when he was diagnosed with cancer and telling people to ignore treatments that have been proven to work. (Such as removing cancer via surgery before it spreads.) I wasn’t even the person who created this post but I’m helping out by reading the info from Joe Tippens’ site for those who don’t have time to read everything.

      “taking advantage of them at their most vulnerable time” There are no ads on this page nor are we linking to any products that we sell. We have over 40,000 posts of information on this blog and we just hope that they will prove to be useful to others.

      Doctor’s aren’t 100% perfect so it helps for patients to learn about the latest news related to their condition. For example, I was told in 2002 by a dentist that I needed a crown for a cracked tooth. Such a procedure would have greatly weakened the tooth and made it prone to complications as the decades went by. Instead, I did a Google search and instead found that I could get an onlay for about the same cost where a robot created a 3D replacement for just the damaged part of the tooth while I waited in the dentist’s office. 18 years later the onlay is still fine. (The onlay is created by a CEREC machine.) So I’m not a dentist, yet I found a better treatment for my dental condition than my dentist. (I switched dentists due to this poor diagnosis.)

      Another example is my haircut lady (who again, is not a doctor) injured her thumb and was told by her doctor that she needed to transplant a tendon from one part of her body to her thumb. She Googled her condition online and instead opted to immobilize her thumb for 6 weeks and it healed on its own. So she saved herself from some unneeded surgery. Knowledge is power and at Lifeboat we wish to spread knowledge to everyone!

      1. ninfa says:

        well said:)

    2. bob howard says:

      BTW,Kim! DOCTORS are the THIRD, I repeat, THIRD leading cause of DEATHS in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! You go ahead and relinquish your “care” to them, AND good luck! You will need it!!!

  24. Kim McMillan says:

    Before anyone takes the word of computer guy Eric… please read the “about” section of this foundation and read about ol Eric himself. You are taking advice from a guy thats promoting a floating city and makes his money from this foundations donations… Oh and don’t forget his Match .com stock. When you see a claim that some off the wall drug or vitamin kills cancer cells in a petri dish… Keep in mind… So does a gun. Cancer is scary… But don’t let Eric or anyone extort your vulnerable state.

  25. Ann says:

    My mom’s mare has cancer in her lymph nodes under the jaw. We had heard about the success with people. Is there any protocol that can be tried on the horse?

    1. susan plumb says:

      This message is for Ann. I work for an Equine Pharmacy and we have Fenbendazole for horses. Feel free to contact me if you would like to try it. Thank you

  26. Sherlyn terry says:

    I found out I had small cell lung cancer and it was also in my glands. I started chemo and radiation and started the dog wormer curcumin and vit e and 3weeks in my cancer had shrunk 1/3. I believe the dog wormer got rid of my cancer! Plus I used the CBC oil with Thc in it and it keep me from being sick! Plus it helps you rest! I have a strong faith in this dog wormer!

  27. Kyle says:

    Hi, can you take it as a preventitive measure?!

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Kyle, while you could take it as a preventative measure, at this point this treatment isn’t proven to work so it would be hard to tell if it is working if you don’t already have cancer.

      I personally take NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to prevent cancer. Specifically, I take one baby aspirin per day and 200 mg of Celebrex per day. For what it’s worth, I haven’t gotten cancer in close to 6 decades of life.

  28. Mary Casey says:

    TAKE: Tocotrienol and Tocopherol forms (all 8) of Vitamin E (500-800mg per day, 7 days a week)

    Vit E as e-alpha tocopherol 45 mg
    Gramma E mixed tocopherols 360 mg
    Mixed tocotrienols/tocopherol complex 145 mg

    QUESTION: To get 500 – 800 mg per day, do I add all the mg of each together (540 mg)? Or, do I need 500 – 800 mg of each ingredient? In other words, how many capsule(s) do I take a day? (am I over-thinking this?) Thank you so much. mary

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Mary Casey For the 500 to 800 mg / day, Joe Tippens is recommending something like Gamma E by Life Extension which is available at…r_1_1_sspa. To get 500 to 800 mg / day, that would be one softgel per day.

  29. Melissa says:

    The link above from Amazon says it’s a goat dewormer is this the right one

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Melissa. You are looking for fenbendazole which this is. Specifially, it is Fenbendazole — 1mg/Ml.

      1. Melissa says:

        How much do i take?

  30. Rhonda Moore says:

    Fellow Oklahoman, So glad you beat the cancer. Wonderful story and outcome.

  31. Terry Bridie says:

    Connie Tate can you contact me about your husbands MDS?

  32. Mark says:

    I have multiple myeloma what should I take with it.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      @Mark…erspective says to take about 222 mg of fenbendazole three days in a row each week.

      1. Simone says:

        222mg. Isn’t that about 55 teaspoons?

  33. Linda mota says:

    Hello I have stage4 breast cancer I need help any ideas what I can take to help

    1. Eric Klien says:…erspective says to take about 222 mg of fenbendazole three days in a row each week. One place to get it is

  34. Luann Hester says:

    You can buy empty capsules at your pharmacy and fill your own.

  35. Susan says:

    This is for Ann, about her mother’s horse. I work for an Equine Pharmacy and we offer Omprezole/Fenbendazole for horses. Pls feel free to contact me.

  36. Joyce Lamp says:

    Does anyone know what to take for asthma to get rid of it.

  37. Susan says:

    How do I reply to someone’s comment? Sorry, I’m not familiar with this site.

    1. Eric Klien says:

      That is a very good question. Until now it was difficult to easily reply to someone’s comment. This has now been fixed thanks to YOUR comment.

  38. Ron Barber says:

    I would like to say Well Done Joe Tippems, I thank you ‚you have done more than Dr’s can do. It is people who are, and have been down that road of sickness I have been down that road. Big pharma and the medical are not in the business of curing, they only treat the systems not the problem, They are not taught, you can’t blame the doctors. It should be obvious that if we continue on the same ” scientific“‘ path to resolve are health woes we will continue to get the same results. If the answer is not to continue the path that is clearly not working , perhaps it is to look back instead , to restore to health care the almighty’s messages for health, to restore common sense and to focus on effective and safer solutions. We must step out side the medical paradigm, and research affective and safer option, and we will certainly give hope and perhaps life to some of the millions of suffering individuals. One needs to review statistics to see that the entire world is facing a health care crises never before known, and it should be obvious that if we continue ???? People forgot what GOD spoke I have given food to feed all nations, and the food will be your medicine and the medicine will be your food, the seeds and berries will be your protein I have given food to feed all the animals birds fish. Etc. Wake up people we are Biological not a chemical factory which pollutes are immune system. There are only two diseases, Pollution , and Parasite’s.

  39. I had heard that a diet of alkaline food, will be a good thing to kill cancer. Cancer loves and thrives on sugar. I was at the dr office one day, and the nurse was telling me about some supplies from the vet, that they use in the dr office, only 100 times the price! They could order the same stuff from the vet supply, for pennies! Same bar code and numbers. So that’s how big pharma is screwing people on these items. If you could get the exact same thing from a vet supply, for pennies, rather from a med supply company, for hundreds of dollars, why not? If something cheaper will work, and you get it for yourself, why not??? Go for it!

  40. Rhonda TEAGUE says:

    Can the medication cure luekemia or lymphoma?

  41. michael graski says:

    I have melanoma I had brain surgery and radiation. Now I’m taking immune therapy. will ferbendazole work for me?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      This article recommends that you take fenbendazole.…erspective says to take about 222 mg of fenbendazole three days in a row each week. One place to get it is

      1. Simone says:

        222 mg is a little less than 1/8 teaspoon.
        (1÷8 = 250 mg)

  42. Rusty says:

    Does it help for a orevenative forcancer to return

  43. Brenna Bausch says:

    Did anyone else realize the link takes you to dewormer for goats? But the article talks about dog dewormer? Also, they say to take 222 mg what does that equal to like 1/4 tsp?!

    1. Eric Klien says:

      The goat dewormer and the dog dewormer have the same ingredient which is Fenbendazole. “Also, they say to take 222 mg what does that equal to like 1/4 tsp?!” You would need to read the label of whatever medicine you buy to see how much of it you would have to take to get 222 mg of Fenbendazole. Not every medicine is the same concentration.

  44. Mendy says:

    I was diagnosed at the end July with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver. Started Joe’s protocol in the middle of August started chemo late September had a scan done in December it showed the mass on my colon was surgically removed? Hadn’t been surgically removed but is gone. The mass in my liver has shrunk tremendously. Will have surgery the first week of April for a colon resection and the little piece in my liver removed. I will continue the protocol for the rest of my life! Thankful, grateful and blessed

  45. Charlotte says:

    my mother was diagnosed yesterday with stage 4 lung cancer. Shes only 65. The oncologist will meet with us in the next few days. We don’t know if it’s small cell or non small cell yet. We want all the info you can give us please or be able to speak to someone over the phone that’s actually been through this. What different types of cancer has this med helped? We’d like to read more and learn more before Monday so all the FACTUAL info we can get is appreciated.

    1. Charlotte Walters says:

      So the oncologist says it’s non-small cell. Won’t know other type until after scans next week.

      1. Eric Klien says:

        Joe Tippens was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer and it worked for him. Reading just the comments on this blog post, others are talking about success with different types of cancer.

  46. Cynthia Moeller says:

    I would like to have to other protocols Joe adds to the Fenbendazole, i.e. curcumin and cbd oil, I read the info already regarding the gamma E suggested dosage. I am so ‘On board’ with this protocol. I have had several hard hits to my body, i.e. spinal cord injury, fibromyalgia, Lymes…need I say more, so my immune system is constantly being bombarded. I am going to start this protocol as a preventative measure. Unfortunately, many cancers are not diagnosed until late stages, that is why preventative measures are what I’m going for. Thank You So Very Much!

  47. Joe says:

    can this be done instead of having to go to surgery maybe these pills will cure the cancer need to know asp.

  48. Herman says:

    can this be done instead of having to go to surgery maybe these pills will cure the cancer need to know asp.

  49. Valerie says:

    Thanks so much for this information. My husband has been diagnoses with lung cancer which has spread to his brain. He has had whole brain radiation and know they are trying him on Keytruda. The doctors have said that his outlook is not good. He appears to be doing well at this time except for hair loss. We are willing to try anything that will give us more hope for the future. I asked his oncologist about supplements (I bought Milk Thistle, Berberine, Bacain, and Cucurmin) and he said not to take anything. He did agree to flax seed but said that it would not help. I was wondering if anyone else have tried any of these supplements?? I do like the idea of the worm medicine and the other supplements. I had read online that another worm medicine for humans was also useful but have not heard very much about it. it is called Mebendazole. Hope I got that right. I believe that this can actually work.

  50. My 33yr. Old daughter has ovarian cancer. Does this protocol work for ovaian cancer.

  51. Will Joe Tippens Protocol work while on antibiotics. And is it safe to use when on antibiotics?

  52. Ericka says:

    My brother n law is in the last few months of his life battling colon cancer. Would this be ok to use while on Morphine?

    1. Eric Klien says:

      If he is on morphine then his condition sounds bad and I would recommend trying this treatment. He has little to lose.