Dec 16, 2019

‘Cosmos’ with Neil deGrasse Tyson returns in March 2020

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National Geographic has announced that the much eagerly awaited science and space series ‘Cosmos’ will premiere in its network March 9th, 2020 with Neil DeGrasse Tyson reprising the role of the presenter, a series which has already seen huge success with its earlier versions.


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  1. Hop David says:

    Carl Sagan’s critics were wary of pop science. Would the need to entertain come before substance, rigor and accuracy? Possibly the sloppiest, most inaccurate pop science celebrity ever.

    Most of Tyson’s misinformation is harmless. Like who cares if his fans believe there are more transcendental numbers than irrationals? It’s not as if Katie Perry or 99.9% of Tyson’s fans will ever actually study Cantor’s ideas on infinite sets.

    Much worse is when Tyson uses his addled memory to invent history. And then uses his bad history in his cautionary tales against religion.

    By endorsing Tyson Druyan endorses Tyson’s falsehoods. After all his fictions serve to push the fashionable narrative.

    Let Tyson and his supporters become known for their dishonesty.