Dec 18, 2019

Brent Nally interviews Bill Faloon about his longevity clinical trial

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Hayley Harrison is on a constant Roll… Here she sent me privately this video of the great Bill Faloon… I have not completed the video as yet… But the beginning is awesome I will watch late tonight during my down time… Great Respect to Life Extension and Bill Faloon and Neal Francis Vanderee two of the Longevity Movements most interesting characters and the movements many activists such as Hayley “the watchful” Harrison… AEWR.

My mission is to drastically improve your life by helping you break bad habits, build and keep new healthy habits to make you the best version of yourself.

This video is my interview of longevity pioneer Bill Faloon on December 17, 2019.

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1:08 Vitality in aging interventions trial has been accomplished by volunteer physicians and subsidized pricing.
5:48 exosomes — Dr. Duncan Ross is founder and CEO of Kimera Labs — watch Brent’s interview with Dr. Ross
7:10 get as healthy as possible before spending money on longevity therapeutics.
7:25 personalized medicine
10:52 Dr. Greg Fahy has showed biological age reversal via DNA methylation tests.
13:20 60 Minutes — Scott Pelley interviews Dr. George Church…12-08/
15:51 Bill’s life extension study mapped the genomes of super centenarians.
19:40 BioViva — Watch Brent’s interview of Liz Parrish
21:08 Libella Gene Therapeutics
23:02 Don’t procrastinate! Focus on getting healthy now!
25:50 get a comprehensive blood test at
26:54 reduce calorie intake by daily intermittent fasting.
27:27 metformin
31:19 watch Brent’s book review of Why We Sleep
32:00 Peter Nygard
34:51 Search Bill Faloon on YouTube
37:18 What will reality be like after human’s have defeated aging and all chronic diseases?
39:46 Watch Brent’s interview of Dr. Michael about telomerase gene therapy Fossel
43:05 Bill fought the FDA for 9 years to publicize the longevity benefits of metformin.
46:01 Brent’s interview of cryptocurrency pioneer Roger Ver
47:38 Church of Perpetual Life website YouTube Instagram
53:28 Brent’s interview of Dr. Maharaj’s clinical trial of young human plasma transfusions
56:58 Bill discusses the lessons and values he instilled in his kids.
59:29 How do we get more wealthy individuals interested in investing in the best life extension companies and therapies?
1:03:58 Calico is the perfect example of wealthy people trying to solve aging in the wrong ways.
1:05:28 Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
1:15:17 Final action items for healthy living — 1) comprehensive blood work for personalized medicine 2) sleep 3) intermittent fasting 3) audit your thoughts — follow your passion 5) have fun exercising but don’t push too hard and avoid serious injuries.
1:20:18 Understanding what is healthy and actually living a healthy lifestyle are different. I focus on living & teaching healthy living.
1:21:11 Stay informed about longevity research and get involved in any way you can including social networks, conferences, donations and investing. Go to
1:23:25 ~150,000 people die daily on average. ~110,00 people die daily from aging.

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