Dec 19, 2019

Are Cats Spies Sent

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They are probs descendants from god alien cats from ancient time. They are entirely self sufficient and so cute :3 Also essentially perfect on all levels that rival even humans. Basically a whole kit of ninja abilities that truly are phenomenal even used in war times. There is a reason why culture after culture praises them and revels in their abilities and intelligence. Even legends say the ninja learned of them to be akin to them in stealth abilities. Even in popular culture the flerkin is seen guarding the tesseract. Also dragon ball z there is a god cat that oversees a universe. Even to this day the feline genetic code still shows mysteries that have enticed generations of people so why not see they have their own story to tell their own universe of mystery.

Recent polling shows Americans love their conspiracy theories. They also love cats. This was bound to happen.

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