Nov 10, 2019

David Pearce — Foundational Values for the Future — What is God’s Utility Function?

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“What foundational values need to be in place for an ethical utilitronium shockwave?”

What foundational values need to be in place for an ethical utilitronium shockwave?
We discuss:
- (following on from a previous video) more on Nozick’s experience machines (see
- given that in each age there has been different conceptions of utopia, what would utopia be for a post-human superintelligence?
- classical utilitarian vs negative utilitarian approaches to the long term good of life in the universe.
- whether a perfect decision theory would be equal to negative utilitarianism.
- how much attention should we give to preferences in improving well-being beyond eliminating suffering?
- if one does believe in the objectivity of value should we be concerned about being damned in a local maximum of well-being?
- what is God’s utility function? #ethics #utilitarianism #futurology

Filmed inside the Melbourne Museum in Victoria, Australia.

David Pearce is interested in the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world:

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