Nov 13, 2019

Can We Really Live Forever? | Unveiled

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We’ve been raised with the belief that death is inevitable, and so during our lives we consider the legacy of what each of us leaves behind. But what if you had unlimited time to pursue your life’s work, your hobbies, and your dreams.

What if you didn’t have to die? As science and medicine advances, the average human lifespan continues to increase from better care and medicines that treat diseases. Some scientists say that in the near future, perhaps within the next 50 years, immortality might be within our grasp.

To begin to understand the aging process, we have to look at the laws of physics. There are four laws of thermodynamics, and the second law of thermodynamics basically implies that everything made up of atoms rusts, falls apart and disintegrates. We are all made of atoms, and those atoms must obey the second law of thermodynamics.

Currently there are drugs based on small molecules called senolytics which are designed to eliminate these zombie cells which refuse to die. This is a good thing, because such defective senescent cells persist to emit harmful chemicals that damage other healthy cells, and cause inflammation; a process that is one of the basic mechanisms of aging. But this is only a small part of the process.

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