Oct 10, 2019

RAADFest Roundup Day 0, 2019, Las Vegas

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Do you really want to live forever?

My mission is to drastically improve your life by helping you break bad habits, build and keep new healthy habits to make you the best version of yourself. I read the books and do all the research and share my findings with you!

This video is “Day 0” of RAADFest 2019 in Las Vegas. I discuss various topics and will do my best at RAADFest to interview longevity experts like Bill Faloon, James Strole, Bernadeane, Liz Parrish, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Bill Andrews, Dr. Ed Park, Dr. Duncan Ross, Ben Goertzel and hopefully many more. I’ll bring you all the major updates from RAADFest!

I’ll be sharing daily RAADFest Roundups this week on my YouTube channel.

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