Oct 4, 2019

Immortality by 2029

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A year old, and this video is titled with the “I-word”. But a very interesting talk.

It’s not every day that I get to post a video where I feel like I’m involved with something that may seriously improve and extend lives. I’m so grateful that somehow, I was brought into this process.

The ForbiddenKnowledgeTV newsletter and website attract a large number of physicians and health-practitioner subscribers and it’s been a real joy to make friends with the doctors on my list over the years. One leading physician who first contacted me, way back in August 2011 was Dr. Ron Klatz, Founder-President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M).

Last week, he asked me to edit this video of the first round table discussion of the American Association of Stem Cell Physicians, which had been live-streamed on August 11th and which he’d helped to moderate. It was shot completely unstaged and it was very rough-and-tumble and it needed a little cleaning-up. I said sure, without fully realizing what a treat I was in for, with this incredibly dynamic and inspiring group of scientists and physicians; who don’t normally speak to each other – let alone on camera – in a totally live, unscripted setting!

In 1996, Dr. Klatz and the A4M predicted that medical advancements were on pace to achieve life expectancies of 120 years or more, or what they call “Practical Immortality” by 2029. With the latest developments in stem cell technology and nutritional medicine, among others, this prediction is well on track.

This is a vital exchange of ideas, experience and wisdom in the field of life-extension, with recent insights about cellular biology, the immune system, supplements and restoring function to eyes, bones, nerves, hearts, etc. and forming a coherent voice to challenge oppressive US Federal regulation. This is exactly the sort of meeting of minds transmitted online that can catapult understanding and innovation.

Topics covered include why telomeres aren’t so hot anymore (but still valid), why CRISPR-Cas9 still has a ways to go; exomes, VSELs, protein aggregate disease and the roles of apoptosis, autophagy and the emerging class of senolytic drugs like Rapamycin; the overlooked importance of the gut microbiome, the benefits of calorie restriction and a “fasting-mimicking diet” that induces ketosis; supplementing with nutritional quercetin, resveratrol, sirtuin, pterostilbene, NAD+ and metformin; the newly-found TMAO marker; findings of the p53 gene and how stem cell therapies will help you in your ultimate battle with insulin resistance and sarcopenia.

Finally, the discussion turns spiritual. After all, what is the purpose of extending life? They talk about the importance of extending one’s healthspan and gaining more quality time to enjoy life, to enjoy friends and family, to live and to love and to accomplish what you want on this planet before you check out!

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