Oct 16, 2019

How to Reverse Aging and Live Longer with David Sinclair PhD

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- What Causes Aging and Why It Happens 03:00.
- How to Slow Down the Aging Process 08:57.
- Why Do Sirtuin Genes Promote Longevity 11:50.
- Xenohormesis and Resveratrol 13:55
- What is NAD and How It Affects Aging 18:55.
- Different Types of NAD Boosters 20:46
- Signs of Aging 25:00
- How Dr Sinclair Exercises 29:25
- Metformin, mTOR, and Insulin 34:00
- What’s the Upper Limit for Human Lifespan 39:58.
- What Area of Research Is Most Promising 43:58.

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  1. Shai Efrati says:

    Awesome information. really enjoyed the one on ageing. What shared was alot of conformation of how I have been led to think and speak about it. What explained gave me more clarity and deeper understanding of the process.