Oct 6, 2019

How Close Are We to Immortality?

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Researchers are working to get to the bottom of longevity, unlocking the secrets to extending our lifespans well into our 100s… and beyond.
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Harvard Professor David Sinclair thinks longevity, or extending our lifespan, is the “greatest unsolved problem in biology.”

The global life expectancy is currently hovering somewhere around 72 years old and women typically live longer than men and the age tends to be higher in developed countries and lower in impoverished nations.

Some experts argue that the tools we currently have when it comes to extending our lifespans are as simple as diet and exercise, but a healthy diet is only going to get you so far. So scientists are seeking out clues in the natural world that could help us side step growing old, some scientists even think that many of the ailments we refer to as diseases could be thought of as the symptoms of aging.

So, in addition to improving our nutrition, sleep, social life, access to health care, and so on, what else can we do to increase our chances of immortality?

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