Oct 26, 2019

Elon Musk’s Neuralink unveils device to connect your brain to a smartphone

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Neuralink seeks to build a brain-machine interface that would connect human brains with computers. No tests have been performed in humans, but the company hopes to obtain FDA approval and begin human trials in 2020. Musk said the technology essentially provides humans the option of “merging with AI.”


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  1. Mustafa matalgah says:

    I have submitted a Patent where your brain waves will connect with your vehicle where nobody can steal your car unless you’re in the driver seat or the car will not start if you’re intoxicated or under drug influence

  2. Mary Kay Akers says:

    I am being tortured by foreign trash here in the USA who claim to be feds but are Nazi garbage & James Elmer Mitchell doing witness intimidation. I could use some way of calling for help if they mute me. Would love to know if that’s on the drawing board for other women and children and elderly injured or held by someone. Would be most appreciated.

    MK Akers