Oct 26, 2019

Dr. Bill Andrews Presentation & Tour of Sierra Sciences on October 11TH, 2019

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Excellent lecture. Darwin’s turtle, sharks and clams 500 years old, talking about Liz Parrish at an hour and 8. And then a tour.

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This video is DR. BILL ANDREWS PRESENTATION & TOUR OF SIERRA SCIENCES ON OCTOBER 11TH, 2019. Brent Nally recorded, edited and produced this video. My apologies for the poor audio and camera work in the first few minutes. Infinite gratitude to Bill for opening up Sierra Sciences to us. Here’s a link to purchase IsaGenesis. You have to sign up first:

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0:20 Dr. Bill Andrews is introduced by John.
1:30 Who is Bill? Bill’s credentials & vast scientific contributions. Bill’s social media: ; ; ; ;
7:52 Watch “The Immortalists” about Dr. Bill Andrews & Dr. Aubrey de Grey:
8:45 Buy Bill’s 2 books:…sr=8-1 &…sr=8-6 ; Brent’s book review of Telomere Lengthening: Curing all diseases including cancer & aging by Dr. Bill Andrews:
9:00 What is aging?
10:30 When human aging is cured, everyone will consider aging a disease.
11:45 bad things happen when telomeres get short.
14:40 When cells divide, the telomeres get a little bit shorter (telomeres loose about 50–100 base pairs in humans with every cell division) because our cells lack the ability to replicate to the very end.
16:50 There’s nothing humans can currently do to stop telomere shortening in the long term.
17:50 progeria is a terrible disease where kids are born with short telomeres.
19:12 telomere length is directly correlated with almost every disease.
20:25 Use PubMed to do a meta-analysis of scientific peer-reviewed studies
20:56 Dr. Bill Andrews: “What’s Real and What’s Not”
22:44 The telomere shortening solution: telomerase
26:06 What happens if humans produce telomerase in all of our cells?
29:14 Humans — telomerase activators like IsaGenesis are probably lengthening some of the shortest telomeres but it’s not strong enough to reverse all aspects of aging yet.
31:20 the telomerase gene is repressed in all our cells except our reproductive cells.
32:05 Sierra Sciences high throughput robots detect products that bind to the repressor protein to remove the repressor protein which allows telomerase to be expressed more in the cell.
34:08 Tested 10,000+ natural products — identified 39 telomerase inducers!
34:53 Isagenix IsaGenesis
37:33 Sierra Sciences is screening again!
37:50 How to keep your telomeres long: yoga and meditation; don’t stress too much — have fun!
44:29 Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.
47:20 Brent’s interview with Dr. Sandy
48:30 Bill’s obsessed with curing human aging because he doesn’t want to miss out on the future.
50:17 Sierra Sciences celebrated 20 years in 2019.
50:38 Q&A
1:00:40 There’s no scientific peer-reviewed data that shows telomerase causes cancer.
1:08:18 Brent’s interview with Liz Parrish
1:12:24 There’s no such thing as competitors in the human longevity field.
1:18:32 Sierra Sciences tour begins
1:20:05 One of the most powerful microscopes to view things by light.
1:20:55 human cell culture room
1:22:27 refrigerators and freezers
1:23:08 yoga and exercise room
1:23:30 molecular biology lab room
1:24:40 gene engineering and electrophoresis room.
1:26:10 Rolls-Royce jet engine
1:27:10 cold room
1:27:27 PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) room — Bill shows how they test ingredients for telomerase activation using PCR
1:29:18 transition lab
1:32:10 robotics room
1:34:08 Warehouse, shipping, receiving, storage, gene therapy room.
1:36:10 Intro & exit music by: SoundSage & @cryptotravelcouple

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