Oct 3, 2019

Aubrey DE GREY, An overview of recent progress in projects of SENS Research Foundation, EHA 2018

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The Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing (EHA) meeting for 3 days in Brussels proclaims the possibility and the imperative of a moonshot project to overcome all age-related diseases within 25 years by tackling aging as their root cause.
The world has already faced the variety of challenges caused by an ageing population and the so called “Silver tsunami”, but Following major discoveries in science and biomedicine in recent years we are now on the edge of a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention and an improvement in healthy longevity. The defeat of aging lies within our collective grasp. It’s time to seize this remarkable opportunity!

Day 2

Rejuvenation strategies

Aubrey de Grey
An overview of recent progress in projects performed or funded by SENS Research Foundation.

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