Oct 2, 2019

Arrowverse ‘Crisis’ Event: Lyla Michaels Confirmed to Fill Key Role, as [Spoiler]

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If you’re going to do right by DC Comics’ “Crisis on Infinite Earths” saga, you need the Monitor, yes. But you also need a Harbinger at his side. And now, it has been confirmed that Lyla Michaels, a character who has been played on Arrow over the years by Audrey Marie Anderson, will fill that role in the Arrowverse’s next, five-part crossover.

We say “confirmed” because while it did seem that Oliver Queen, in fulfilling his deal with the Monitor, might serve as an ersatz Harbinger, the fact is that in the comic books Lyla Michaels became Harbinger, and the Arrow character has used that codename since Season 1.

You can get a look at Anderson’s full costume here; Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim said they explored the idea of a comics-accurate helmet but it “didn’t look right.”

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