Oct 15, 2019

Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 1993 Jun;41:219–31

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The 17” x 14” X-ray film, gels, and blots are widely used in DNA research. However, DNA laser scanners are costly and unaffordable for the majority of surveyed biotech scientists who need it. The high-tech breakthrough analytical personal scanner (PS) presented in this report is an inexpensive 1 lb hand-held scanner priced at 2–4% of the bulky and costly 30–95 lb conventional laser scanners. This PS scanner is affordable from an operation budget and biotechnologists, who originate most science breakthroughs, can acquire it to enhance their speed, accuracy, and productivity. Compared to conventional laser scanners that are currently available only through hard-to-get capital-equipment budgets, the new PS scanner offers improved spatial resolution of 20 microns, higher speed (scan up to 17” x 14” molecular X-ray film in 48 s), 1–32,768 gray levels (16-bits), student routines, versatility, and, most important, affordability.

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