Oct 6, 2019

An Oxford Neuroscientist Explains Mind vs. Brain

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It’s good to see a growing response to the materialist superstition about the mind and the brain from the neuroscience and philosophy community. Materialist theories of the mind are philosophically indefensible and scientifically discredited. Dualism is necessary to account for the immaterial nature of the intellect, for the metaphysical simplicity of the mind, and for free will. Of the varieties of dualism, I believe that Thomistic dualism offers the most satisfactory framework for neuroscience.

I also think that Edward Feser ’s Philosophy of Mind, written from the Thomistic perspective on metaphysics and the mind, is the best available for readers of a philosophical bent. introduction It is a fine accompaniment to Dr. Dirckx’s work!

More by neurosurgeon Michael Egnor on how the mind differs from the brain:

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