Sep 29, 2019

Why The Future Will Be An Unimaginable Utopia Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations

Posted by in categories: entertainment, futurism

Humanity is moving ever faster towards a perfect world, but we’ll probably never get all the way to perfect. A somewhat plausible alternative to this utopian future is that humanity destroys itself. Typical science fiction dystopias, on the other hand, are quite unrealistic, in my view.

Interstellar is one of my favorite movies, but there’s one thing about it I don’t like; it’s set in a dystopian future where sandstorms and blight make it increasingly difficult for humans to survive. Although science fiction is my favorite genre, it annoys me a bit that science fiction movies are often dystopian to some degree.

Unfortunately, news media also have a tendency to focus on the negative, so it’s not surprising if you have a negative view of the world today. And with science fiction movies often being dystopian, it’s not surprising if you have a negative view of the future as well. But if we look at the bigger picture – the trends – how the world is changing – we actually see that some very positive changes have been – and are – happening.

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