Sep 18, 2019

How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

Posted by in categories: life extension, nuclear energy, robotics/AI

Downloading your brain may seem like science fiction, but some neuroscientists think it’s not only possible, but that we’ve already started down a path to one day make it a reality. So, how close are we to downloading a human brain?

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We’ve Put a Worm’s Mind in a Lego Robot’s Body…399/?no-is
“A wheeled Lego robot may not look like a worm, but it ‘thinks’ like one after programmers gave it the neuron connections in a C. elegans roundworm”

Crumb of Mouse Brain Reconstructed in Full Detail…il-1.18105
“The resulting three-dimensional map is the first complete reconstruction of a piece of tissue in the mammalian neocortex, the most recently evolved region of the brain.”

The Immortalist: Uploading the Mind to a Computer
“Within the next 30 years,” promises Dmitry Itskov, “I am going to make sure that we can all live forever.”


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