Sep 19, 2019

AI: Agents show surprising behavior in hide and seek game

Posted by in categories: entertainment, robotics/AI

Researchers have made news in letting their AI ambitions play out a formidable game of hide and seek with formidable results. The agents’ environment had walls and movable boxes for a challenge where some were the hiders and others, seekers. Much happened along the way, with surprises.

Stating what was learned, the authors blogged: “We’ve observed discovering progressively more complex tool use while playing a simple game of hide-and-seek,” where the agents built “a series of six distinct strategies and counterstrategies, some of which we did not know our environment supported.”

In a new paper released earlier this week, the team revealed results. Their paper, “Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Autocurricula,” had seven authors, six of which had OpenAI representation listed, and one, Google Brain.

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