Aug 9, 2019

What Is Quantum Computing (Quantum Computers Explained)

Posted by in categories: information science, quantum physics, robotics/AI

This video is the ninth in a multi-part series discussing computing and the second discussing non-classical computing. In this video, we’ll be discussing what quantum computing is, how it works and the impact it will have on the field of computing.

[0:28–6:14] Starting off we’ll discuss, what quantum computing is, more specifically — the basics of quantum mechanics and how quantum algorithms will run on quantum computers.

[6:14–9:42] Following that we’ll look at, the impact quantum computing will bring over classical computers in terms of the P vs NP problem and optimization problems and how this is correlated with AI.

[9:42–14:00] To conclude we’ll discuss, current quantum computing initiatives to reach quantum supremacy and ways you can access the power of quantum computers now!

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