Aug 10, 2019

The transhumanist: Russian student who lost sight after explosion developing bionic eyes for himself

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, computing, cyborgs, transhumanism

Evgeny became wider known to the Russian public in March, after becoming one of the first to implant a chip – between his thumb and forefinger – even though such surgical procedures are forbidden in Russia.

He sleeps two hours a night, plays guitar with a custom prosthesis, and has illegally implanted a microchip. When Evgeny Nekrasov was disfigured by an accident at 14, he decided to leverage future technology to build a new life.

Evgeny, now 21, has no recollection of “messing around” after school with his friends in hometown Vladivostok and picking up the gas canister that exploded in his hands and into his face.

But the days after he woke up without sight in hospital are hard-coded in his memory.

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