Aug 18, 2019

Stopping Pandemic X: DARPA Names Researchers Working to Halt Outbreaks

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) launched the Pandemic Prevention Platform (P3) program in 2017, with the eventual goal of halting the spread of any infectious disease outbreak before it can escalate into a pandemic.

Current approaches for recent public health emergencies due to infectious diseases have not produced effective preventive or therapeutic solutions in a relevant timescale. Examples from recent outbreaks such as H3N2 (flu), Ebola, and Zika viruses highlight the significant lag in deployment and efficacy of life-saving solutions.


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  1. Rishat says:

    Thus, the activity of the immune system depends on a number of factors:

    Gastrointestinal tract health (hereinafter GIT). On the one hand, this is our largest barrier between the external and internal environment, on the other hand, it is also the most damaged, which is associated both with anatomical features (formally it is represented by only one row of intestinal epithelial cells), and in connection with aggressive conditions inside this system. That is why most of the immunocompetent tissues are redistributed precisely into the submucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract in the form of single and group follicles. So the body protects itself from the possible destruction of this barrier. Almost every day I go to the bathroom mostly.
    Toxic load on the body. We live in a world saturated with various toxic substances. They are produced by industry, cars, they are part of modern food and water. The toxic substances produced by the pharmaceutical industry have a big impact on us all. This also applies to those who do not directly take the medicine. They are actively used by veterinary medicine, and they come to us through livestock products. I live in Almetyevsk, the oil capital of Tatarstan
    Stability of the nervous system. Most modern people are forced to live in a state of stress, which in many people goes into a destructive state of distress. Due to a number of mechanisms, distress exerts strong pressure on the immune system. Since childhood, I do not work as a disabled person of 2 groups. I sleep 8 hours. Calm A cat lives at home, constantly stroking her
    The quality of food. Most of the products available to us have low biological value in terms of micro and macro components that are relevant for the normal functioning of the immune system. Thanks to my mother, the quality of food is excellent. Mom is an old-age pensioner by profession a cook .. I eat milk porridge every day and drink 100% coffee every day. I eat or drink dairy products almost every day. I eat vegetables and fruits every day. I eat 4–5 times a day

    A Muslim 5 times a day I take a bath in ice water 3 times from the tap and 2 times in ice spring water. And my feet once a day but in very warm water. Due to illness, I do not drink diabetes from 3 to 5 liters of water per day. I have been taking Desmopresin for 37 years. I am 41 years old. I enter the risk group. 2 times a day every day I go to the mosque. At least once a month I go to the hospital and get a prescription for the medicine. But I go to the hospital 5 times a month and communicate with the deputy head doctor of the hospital of PJSC Tatneft .. Because of 3 rare internal incurable diseases I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. The doctor told me that all kinds of sports are contraindicated to me because of the illness of olive-pont ceribral degeneration the second name of this disease cerebellar atrophy You need to consult a specialist. You are late with this tip. I contacted a local immunologist. I had 52% lymphocytes. T-helper cells 44% abs. / Μl 1808, t-killers abs. Number / μl 945. He said lymphocytosis as a result of the activity of t-cells. And it all stopped. Researchers in Australia said that the killer T cells showed that during the tests they were effective in combating all common varieties of flu. By the way, I now have 50.6% lymphocytes, neutrophils (total number),% 39.5. If neutrophils are lowered, lymphocytes are elevated, this indicates active resistance of the body to pathology. When examining blood on a hematological analyzer, pathological cells were not found. The number of stab neutrophils does not exceed 6%. In any inflammatory process, the level of T-lymphocytes is reduced. The degree of decrease in T-cell concentration is influenced by the intensity of inflammation. And I have 2836 t-lymphocytes at a rate of 600‑2500. I was diagnosed with a mentally unstable one for a similar article for delusions, and subsequently was deprived of legal capacity
    I can defeat any flu virus. I have 4 invitations to international conferences and 2 confirmations from European and 2 from American magazines that this article will be printed.
    PS Since 2014, I once had the flu, in March 2018 I was ill for 3 days, the symptoms are a high fever of 39.5 degrees and a dry cough. ODS is sick several times a year for two weeks every day I make myself complications and the only symptom is a severe runny nose. Just do not forget that I have acquired immunity. He lets the disease into the body and then fights it

    I want to help in the treatment of influenza. No flu virus can defeat such immunity.